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An Ideal Jewellery software solution

Jewellery software  is a fast easy and reliable  solution that enables a whole new level of customer experience and enhances the operational efficiency of your Jewellery Shop at lower cost

Leading jewellery Software in HYDERABAD

Some popular jewellery software options include Jewelry Designer Manager, Diamond Counter, and JewelMate. These programs can be purchased online and are designed to be user-friendly and customizable to the needs of the business.

Fast and flexible operations

Jewelry Shop  comes with comprehensive product categories, item classification (unit, size,weight and price), flexible barcode generation, easy point of sale for faster checkout, smart inventory and purchase management

Device Compatibility

Jewelry Shop  works on iPhone, iPad, PC Android phone and tablets and traditional and modern POS Terminals

Discounts and Loyalty

There are multiple ways to personalize the rewards to keep your best customers coming back .Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items. 

Printed or electronic receipts

Give the receipt to Guest in a way they prefer, printed or sent to an email/SMS

Multiple locations

designed for users with several locations, its easy to effectively manage all your business operations and its very simple to expand your locations in future. offers the ability to transfer the items between locations, manage centralized purchase and take report of all location from one place

24/7 Customer Service

Galaxy tech solutions made sure to set a standard for customer relations. We offer unlimited 24/7 support by live chat, email, text, and web inquiry. If that doesn’t solve your issues, Galaxy tech solutions will reach out to you via phone to get the problem solved. Our dedicated, well-trained customer service team will help you fix any issues.