Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Make your Pharmacy store more efficient and profitable

With the cutting edge technology of the future, we help you get more profits from your pharmacy store by making operations faster and your decisions more informed

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We have perfect solutions for Large Pharmacies

Whether it is staff management, maintaining customer relationships, or monitoring your business with ease. We have the perfect solutions for you


Automatic Purchase Entries

Purchase invoice entry is the most important aspect of keeping pharmacy efficient, everything from expiry management to checking availability is dependent on purchase entry.


Save Time for Data Entry

Auto Payment Reconciliation

Customer Relationships

Business Monitoring & Analytics

Everything Your Pharmacy Needs

Easy And Fast Billing

Staff Management

Real Time Inventory Tracking

Automatic payments reconciliation

  • Collect CC payemnts at no extra cost

    Rentals and AMC of swiping machine is a past. Now collect DC/CC charges without swiping machine at no extra cost.

  • Multiple payment options

    Give your customers to choose between multiple payment modes - Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI or Net Banking

  • Collect payments 24*7

    Are you on a vacation? No problem! Just send a payment link to the customer and collect payments 24*7

Automated and Manual reminders

  • Reminders for patients

    Set a reminder once, and system will keep sending reminders to patients every month

  • Reminders for you

    If customer doesn't respond to the reminders, there is a reminder for yourself. You can call and remind the patients

  • Get real time alerts on mobile

    with the unique feature of mobile integration, you will get all notifications on your mobile. This will ensure you don't lose any business opportunity

Multilocation Management

  • Manage multiple locations from a single location

    All locations get interconnected from main location

  • Purchase can be done from 1 location for all locations

    Purchases, Sales for all locations can be done from 1 point

  • Inventory Management

    Manage inventory for all locations and inter-transfer stocks easily

Data Porting and Setup

  • Profile and System setup

    Your unique profile will be created to start using the software

  • Admin profile and Staff login setup

    Multiple logins will be created for multiple staff as per your requriement

  • Demo videos and Understanding

    Dedicated experts team for giving Demo videos when required