Virtual real-estate tours from 3D models

Before construction has even started, your customers can walk around buildings and from room to room, looking around at areas of interest as if they were actually there.

This interactive form of realestate visualization lets customers see, feel and understand properties without the need to visit the construction site.

For existing and off-plan developments

Create online virtual tours for investments even before the construction phase. Facilitate decision-making for customers that reserve or buy properties offplan.

For buildings in shell condition or that need renovation, virtual staging solutions offer an immersive experience in fully furnished spaces.

Guided tours, hot spots and online configurator

Add a guided tour of a property that either plays automatically or when requested.

Create hotspots, showcase additional information, add photos, videos, hyperlinks, and audio – all from within the 3D virtual tour. Let your customers customize their future space with the online material and color configurator.

View from all angles

Top and orbit views give buyers a chance to go very quickly from analyzing even the smallest design details to examining the apartment or property layout. They provide that all important sense of scale.

To enhance the visitor’s experience you can add clickable room names and make the camera move to a selected room.