A simple CRM software to follow up with your potential customers through Enquiry/Sales life cycle, Create and share quotations on the go, Manage projects, Tasks & job works with ease and Send Invoices in a breeze. In short, become productive and focus more time in growing your business.

CRM software for small businesses

Business operation & support system

Any Device

Don’t fret on installing crm software on your computer, you can access Galaxy tech solutions from any device


Our infrastructure is available 24×7 and you just need to enter your user name and password to get started


You just need an internet connection
and a web browser to access
Galaxy tech solutions.

Adaptive dashboard for up-to-date information

The dashboard with the help of our extensive algorithms and humongous lines of code learns from you adapts to you and gives it back to you. It displays important information about the quotes, estimates, invoices, etc., so that you, as a business can make meaningful decisions with just a glance.

Sorting and tracking of leads

Get a 360-degree view of all your deals on a clean, visual mobile UI. Every activity that your sales rep performs on each deal can be logged, tracked and followed upon. Setup product/service SKU, quickly create estimates and share it with your customers for instant approval. Sort the deals through its lifecycle stages.

Streamlined processes for efficient management

Countless hours and revisions have gone into designing the UI keeping in mind the end-user so as to ensure that the managers’ work of creating projects, tasks and job works are streamlined to the maximum possible level.

Convert estimates into invoices at a click of a button

After you have delivered your product or service, it’s time to issue the invoice. Don’t go anywhere else, create smart invoices with the click of a button by converting your approved estimate. Also select from multiple templates and add your company logo to reflect your brand.

Your first step towards digital business

CRM software features that meet your business needs

Master Database

Store contacts, clients, product SKU’s and other details which can be reused for every activity

Enquiry life cycle

Align your sales process with enquiry lifecycle, gain complete control of your leads

Sales goals

Set sales goals for yourself and the team and track the progress with every enquiry won or lost.

Product SKUs

Create master SKU’s and re-use them to quickly generate estimates and invoices at your finger tips

Enquiry probability

Define probability percentage of closure for every stage to calculate accurate sales forecast

Attach documents

Save documents to your enquiries, projects, tasks and especially job works for quick reference

Interaction history

Track every step in the enquiry life cycle and tag your colleagues to write notes and provide updates

Multiple companies

Manage your branch offices or individual entities separately through multi company management