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We love our customers and their privacy is our topmost priority as it is most valuable.

Privacy Policy

Protecting personal information of their customers is a significant responsibility of any organization so, we consider it very sincerely. Galaxy Tech Solution secures the privacy by providing transparency and choice regarding protecting the privacy of our client’s personal information as well as visitors to our website. This privacy policy describes what data Galaxy Tech Solution (herein referred to as We, Our, or Us) collects, stores, and process about you. It also explains your rights to your data and the way to contact us in case of any questions. We hold the right to reconstruct this privacy statement at our discretion and encourage you to check this section from time to time to be aware of any changes.

Applicable To

This privacy statement refers to people (“users” or “you”) who interact with our website, subscribe to any of our blogs, request information, or use the chat support.

How We Collect Data

Depending on the services you use i.e. blogs, request information through Contact Us, or use the chat support, we collect data from one or more of these three sources.

1. Data we request:

We may ask, store, and process any/all of these data mentioned after getting your permission, when you request any of our services:

  • Your Name

  • Your Country

  • Your Email Id

  • Your Skype Id

  • Your Phone Number

  • Other information that you choose to share

2. Cookies:

Small file placed on your computer that helps us in analyzing the web traffic and tracks you across the web when you first visit our website is called Cookie. We collect this data only after your consent and assume that you agree to our terms of usage. There is a way of avoiding it, you can changing your browser settings for not accepting the cookie or browse as a anonymous user using incognito mode.

To enhance our website we are linked to a few authentic third-party services and the privacy policy of which may be different from us and we assume no responsibility for their agreement. The third-party tools we use are below and we would appreciate if you go through their privacy policy for your assurance:

  • Google Analytics :

    It is used to enhance user experience and we do not collect your personally identifiable information. The data it collects is related to the device/browser, IP address and on-site activities to measure and report statistics about your interactions on the web. To get knowledge about how Google Analytics deals with your data, check theirĀ privacy policyĀ here.

  • Zendesk :

    We are ever ready for the support and for that we need to get your basic details to reach to you and provide you the required services and get details regarding same. For this service we are usingĀ Zendesk Chat SupportĀ and we encourage you to check out the privacy policies of theĀ Zendesk Chat Support.

  • HubSpot :

    To save the contact details shared by you for getting our service is securely stored in the popular and trusted CRM named HubSpot, you can check the details by reaching its websiteĀ We encourage you to visit and check itā€™sĀ privacy policy.

  • MailChimp :

    We do have some interesting offers for you and for that we need to reach our interested customers so that they can take an advantages of it. For that we need to send Promotional emails and need to track who are the interested one to provide them good support. Also, we may track an individual email is opened by any recipient which are sent by us to calculate click rates and enhance engagement. We are using an authentic tool named MailChimp for email marketing and we encourage you to check theirĀ privacy policyĀ here.

Why We Collect Your Data Once You Permit?

How Your Data is Secure?

We have implemented appropriate administrative, technical & physical safeguards which block unauthorized access, manipulation, alteration, exposure or destruction of the information you entrust to us.

If you have any concerns regarding the security of your data, we encourage you to check our Security Policy or write to us at with your concern.

Do We Share Your Personal Data?

We never share your personal data with any third party in any circumstance.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

We do not reveal any information provided by you, the only reason we collect your details is to establish ready communication with you and present you the required service. During this procedure, we take complete care of using the information in a most authentic manner, so that their remains no loops and dangers of any sort of information leakage or exposure.

While surfing our website, you may find a few forms or fields asking for your information like name, contact number, etc. Our privacy policy assures you that any details filled or data entered in the form will not be misused, sold, and/or rented by any means or conditions. We don’t sell, rent or share it with any third party or don’t ever misuse any of the information provided by any means. However, the data may be used for future communication and internal record keeping purposes.

We maintain a significant level of control over the information is handled, used and stored. Our privacy policy reassures a trustworthy and secure association in every way possible!

Authority Provided To You

You have complete control over your information we store and its usage. Following are the choices you can do: