Static Website

A static website, also known as a static website design, is a web design approach where web pages are rendered or displayed exactly as they are without any dynamic execution of programs on the server. 

This means that all the content, images, and styling are presented directly to the browser, offering a simple and straightforward user experience

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Our comprehensive services encompass essential features such as a photo gallery, an inquiry form, and a contact us section, where we provide all the necessary contact information for your website. 

Additionally, we include a sitemap to enhance navigation and ensure that visitors can easily find the information they seek.

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A static website consists of a number web pages with fixed content where each page displays the same information to every visitor.


Static sites are the most basic type of website and are built by creating a few web pages and uploading these to a web server. This can work well for smaller websites or sites with a short life span and few content updates.


All Static Websites are easy to create . They are economical and readily fit into a low string budget. They can be easily navigated.  Related images and information can be downloaded easily. The page layout can be changed whenever desired. The owner of the website can easily establish direct control over the content.


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