Creative and Effective Packaging Design

Expertly Crafted Packaging Designs:

How does the product packaging influence the way the consumer looks at the product, the brand, and the service? What makes custom packaging boxes so important on the touchpoint and how does it influence what we think, do and buy? A utility based product packaging that can be used with the product as it ages is aimed to target a certain audience for a specific type of product compared to a luxurious custom packaging that might be retained by the consumer only as a souvenir because of pure visual aesthetic!


That’s why every product needs a custom box package that satisfies its target demographic and their ideas, views and lifestyles. From a hamper in a talk show, a gift for a special one or a daily commodity of luxor – each needs a custom packing box, which would be ideated on how it makes the product feel like.


Galaxy tech solutions don’t design for the brand alone, but for the people who interact with the brand. Complete research on factors like colour schemes, designs, size, type of packaging and market is considered while we plan to box your product most elegantly as it defines your brand identity. Brilliantly designed packaging helps you from better shipping to collectable storage, from attracting consumers to giving information about the product. The power your product packaging holds in a market creates a new impact, also rekindle an old memory. Through innovation and creativity, Galaxy tech solutions help your packaging do the talking.